Shipping step-by-step :

1- The orders are processed and packed by the Quinta dos Corvos orders department, and every box use the security tape tagged with Quinta dos Corvos branding. 

2- The shipping is processed as soon as we receive your order, either on our phisical stores, or online store.

3- We only ship boxes of 3,6,12,18 or 24 bottles.

4- The delivery timelines depend on the country of delivery and the shipping company choice

  Chronopost - 10 to 15 work days (Europe) 

  National Post Office - Switzerlarnd - 15 work days / United States of America - 20 work days

5 - The shipping is covered by an insurance already took into account on the final price.

6- Upon arrival to its destination, the client will be contacted by the shipping company in order to proceed with the delivery.

7- If the shipping company is not able to contact the client, or to proceed with the delivery, a warning will be left on the adress mentioned on the order.

7.1 - If the shipping company is Chronopost, your order will be left on a picking up location (store, gas pump, kiosk) near the adress mentioned on the order.

8 - Upon receiving or picking up your order, please check if the box remains pristine, with the security tape tagged with Quinta dos Corvos branding as well as any wine stains

9 - If you notice any kind of anomaly, do not accept the delivery and contact us as soon as possible, explaining the reason of the refusal (if possible take a picture of the box).

10 - In case of any breach or anomaly with the order the insurance will be immediately activated and a new order will be shipped.

11 - As soon as you open your order, please check if every bottle matches the order invoice.

12 - In case the delivery times are overdue and you did not get your order, please contact us by email, refering to the day of the purchase, name and country of delivery and we will locate it.

13 - The delivery deadlines occasionally suffer delays in case your order breaks or has any anomaly and the insurance has been activated.


  Notes :

- Please do not contact us before the previously mentioned delivery deadlines end.

- Before contacting us please verify your order and if its delivery date is not a later date.


Shipping prices :

Portugal, Spain, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Belgum, Holand, Luxemburg, Austria, Slovenia, Denmark,

Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary :

3 or 6 bottles - 29€

12 bottles - 39€

18 or 24 botles - 59€

Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Corsica, Croatia :

3 or 6 bottles - 39€

12 bottles - 49€

18 or 24 bottles - 69€

Switzerland :

3 bottles - 40€

6 bottles - 80€

12 bottles - 160€

18 or 24 bottles - 320€

United States of America :

3 bottles - 100€

6 bottles - 120€

12 bottles - 240€

18 or 24 bottles- 480€

United Kingdom :

3 bottles - 40€

6 bottles - 40€

12 bottles - 80€

18 bottles - 120€

24 bottles - 160€

The shipping price includes the insurance and the personalized transport box of Quinta dos Corvos.

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